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VISIA Skin Analysis System

VISIA Skin Analysis System

The VISIA skin analysis system designed to provide information on skin health, age projection and texture. This is useful to determine how to best care for a person’s skin, based on their needs. It also includes information on skin-health conditions such as aging, acne, and pore size.

VISIA Skin Analysis System measures and evaluate pores

The VISIA skin analysis system measures and evaluates pores, elasticity, color, and texture of the skin. The assessment provides a basis for developing a comprehensive skin care program and identifying areas of concern that require treatment.

Visia uses a multi-point positioning system to capture a three-dimensional image of the face. It then uses state-of-the-art digital photography to analyze pores and other skin features. In addition, it combines traditional RBG photography with cross-polarized imaging technology.

Pores are small circular surface openings in the outermost layer of skin. They usually occupied by hair follicles. If they become clogged, breakouts can occur. When pores enlarged, the skin may appear darker than the surrounding skin tone.

Spots are discolored areas on the skin. These can cause by a variety of factors. Some of these include acne, rosacea, telangiectasia, and other skin conditions. Other causes include pigmentation problems, damage to underlying tissues, and cancer.

Brown spots can cause by excess melanin in the skin. This surplus may result in the formation of lentigines, freckles, melasma, or other abnormal skin coloring. A brown spot can also be an area of hyperpigmentation.

Red areas can cause by several conditions, including Rosacea. In addition, they can cause by vascular lesions, damaged capillaries, and telangiectasia.

UV spots caused by photodamage. When the sun’s ultraviolet rays damage the outer layers of the skin, melanin accumulates below it. Skin pores can enlarge and blackheads and whiteheads can develop.


The VISIA skin analysis system is a unique imaging system that enables a visual assessment of your complexion. It designed to help you understand the health of your skin and what you need to do to improve your appearance.

Visia is an advanced diagnostic imaging system that detects pores, wrinkles, and other skin irregularities. Results are available within minutes. Your doctor may recommend a treatment plan to improve the appearance of your skin.

A Visia analysis is an effective way to find the right treatments for your complexion. This painless process is easy to complete.

An expertly-designed capture module simplifies the imaging process. It rotates around your subject, taking facial views. Once captured, the software automatically classifies your complexion.

In addition to detecting spots and pores, the Visia system also detects broken capillaries, rosacea, and acne breakouts. These conditions can reverse with the right treatments.

A Visia analysis allows you to view your skin in 3-dimensional form, allowing you to see the effects of your treatments. You can even compare your skin to that of others your age.

Visia has three lighting modes. You can choose between blue, red, or green lighting. There is also an optional grid preview to assist with positioning.

The VISIA system also has an aging simulator that simulates your current skin condition as it ages. It can help you determine proper sun protection, as well as provide you with an accurate “true” age.


Visia facial imaging captures a multi-dimensional portrait of your complexion using three different lights. The resulting images are super high resolution. In addition, Visia provides patients with on-screen reports on their skin conditions.

Using UV light, VISIA captures the smallest details of your skin. This allows doctors and aestheticians to accurately assess your skin’s condition and recommend a customized treatment plan. It can also used to correct sun damage.

Visia skin analysis is painless and can complete in as little as 10 minutes. By comparing your current skin condition with that of other people your age, it helps you make more informed decisions about skin care.

Visia’s patented comparison to norms analysis measures wrinkles, spots, and other skin imperfections. It uses the world’s largest skin feature database to grade your skin relative to other people of the same age.

Visia’s simulation technology allows patients to track the effects of treatments. With an optional grid preview, patients can see how their images will look after treatment.

Visia uses an expertly designed capture module that allows for quick and easy capture solutions. The module rotates around the subject, capturing facial views from both left and right angles.

It also measures the depth of acne scars. With this information, it can identify breakout prone areas, and pinpoint the location of broken capillaries.

VISIA(r) is a state-of-the-art non-invasive skin analyzing system. It identifies brown or red spots, creases, and fine lines.

VISIA Skin Analysis System measures porphyrins

VISIA Skin Analysis uses advanced imaging technology to analyze a person’s skin. It is a non-invasive, safe, and painless procedure that identifies problem areas of the skin and provides a comprehensive assessment. This information used to formulate a customized skincare program for the patient.

The VISIA Skin Analysis system can detect age spots, wrinkles, pores, and redness. It also measures the levels of porphyrins in the skin.

Porphyrins are bacterial excretions that form when the skin damaged by the sun. When these bacteria clog the pores, they become comedogenic, or cytotoxic. As a result, acne, breakouts, and inflammation may occur.

Porphyrins detected in the VISIA Skin Analysis system by using UV light. These UV lights fluoresce when they absorbed by porphyrins. Therefore, the presence of porphyrins is a clear indication of pores that clogged.

The VISIA Skin Analysis system can also determine if a patient has rosacea. Rosacea is a skin condition that is usually larger than acne. It characterized by irregular patches of redness and brownness on the face.

During the VISIA Skin Analysis, the system compares the features of the patient’s skin to others of the same age. As a result, it can identify problem areas and track their progress over time.

The results of the skin analysis printed and presented to the client. The printout contains key visual information on the areas of the skin that affected.

Pore size

VISIA is a skin analysis system that measures pores size and provides an insight into a person’s complexion. Glow Theory aesthetic experts use this information to create a personalized rejuvenation plan. The VISIA system includes sophisticated software that detects and tracks changes in a patient’s skin.

VISIA is a powerful tool that combines the latest digital imaging technology with a library of skin care products. It allows aesthetics experts to provide patients with customized skin rejuvenation plans, helping them achieve the best possible results.

VISIA analyzes your complexion using multi-spectral imaging. Each photo analyzed to measure skin texture, wrinkles, spots, and pores. Using the latest wrinkle detection algorithm, the system improves the accuracy of detection of fine lines and wrinkles.

The system’s patented comparison to norms analysis evaluates the skin of the patient in relation to other individuals of the same age. It uses the world’s largest database of skin features to identify the health of the patient’s complexion.

Visia also helps to identify breakout-prone areas and pinpoint broken capillaries. By comparing your skin to others, it can help determine the most appropriate treatment.

Porphyrins, a substance secreted by bacteria, are associated with clogged pores. When porphyrins deposited in pores, they can contribute to acne breakouts. In addition, the fluorescent property of porphyrins makes them visible.

Visia is also a valuable diagnostic tool for identifying rosacea. Normally, the reddened areas of the skin appear on the nose and cheeks.

Age projection

VISIA is a complexion analysis system that enables patients to detect and quantify a variety of skin problems. It uses the latest digital imaging technology to assess the skin’s overall health. The system generates a series of high-resolution photos in just seconds. These pictures can use to document changes in the skin over time.

Using the VISIA skin analysis system, a practitioner can document a patient’s skin condition and create a personalized treatment plan. In addition to identifying redness and rosacea, the system also pinpoints pores, pore size, broken capillaries, and acne.

The VISIA system able to determine a patient’s true age, by combining information from the largest skin feature database in the world. Aside from determining age, VISIA can predict how a person’s skin will change over time.

While the VISIA system can use to analyze a patient’s skin, the system also offers treatments for aging and wrinkles. Patients can receive a customized skin care plan that will help them achieve the healthiest skin possible.

The VISIA system is a reliable tool for aesthetic practices. Patients can assure that the analysis is accurate. Moreover, the system can predict areas of the skin that are more likely to deteriorate.

The VISIA system can help identify accelerated aging. It can also detect textural discrepancies in the skin. Besides detecting wrinkles and fine lines, it can also detect the presence of acne-causing bacteria.

Treat your age spots for rejuvenated and radiant skin using VISIA Skin Analysis System at Glow Theory Carlsbad, San Diego.

VISIA Skin Analysis System treatment areas

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