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What Makes Us Unique?

Glow Theory Dermatology Studio

We empower each of our patients to be the most confident version of themselves by enhancing their natural glow.

Our team encourages patients to embrace their individuality and live their lives loud and proud of who they are.

Our providers want to help you tear down judgmental walls behind aesthetics by allowing you to be your happiest, healthiest self.

Glow Theory Dermatology Studio

Welcome to Carlsbad’s
Premier Dermatology Studio

Glow Theory Dermatology Studio is more than just a medspa. Our leading aesthetics professionals are here to help you level up your glow and enhance your natural features to become the best version of yourself.

By combining science with the art of aesthetics, our team provides you with a personalized experience that transcends the standard medical spa or dermatology office. We use cutting-edge treatments and advanced technologies to help you enhance your natural features. At Glow Theory Dermatology Studio, there are no flaws - only opportunities to embrace your individuality and boost your self-confidence.

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What our clients are saying.

Glow Theory Dermatology Studio

"As an Asian woman, I am prone to sunspots and skin sensitivity. I was nervous to receive my first laser treatment, so I sought out someone with great experience and a keen understanding of different skin types, particularly multi-cultural skin. As soon as I met with Insiyah, her friendly, informative and calm demeanor put me completely at ease. Her consultation was very thorough from end-to-end, sharing what to expect during and after the treatment. She even shared tips to prepare my skin prior to the treatment. She set me up on a simple and effective skin care routine, which in combination with my laser treatment, has given me the confidence to go “makeup free” the first time in years! I look forward to continuing to work with Insiyah on my skincare needs."

- Elaine Shea, October 2021

Glow Theory Dermatology Studio

"Up until my early forties, I never really considered having any cosmetic procedures done.  The cosmetic industry seems to focus heavily on women, often forgetting that men also enjoy having a “refreshed” appearance as they get older.  After my consultation with Glow Theory, I’m so glad that I chose to take the leap.  Insiyah used an approach that was tailored to what my individual concerns were, and she understood that subtle changes to my skin texture can have amazing results.  I appreciate that she provides recommendations that are based in science, and never made me feel that I needed something done that wouldn’t make me look natural.  Glow Theory has a wonderful approach to male skin care, and I’m so excited to see my results!”

- John Gorney, October 2021