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Aesthetic Membership Program

Join the Glow Up VIP Membership Program and receive exclusive pricing on laser, injectables, facials, and products to keep you glowing year round!

Glow Getter

$ 99 Yearly
  • 15% off Neurotoxins (Botox, Dysport)
  • 15% off Fillers & injectables (Juvederm, Restylane, Kybella, Sculptra, etc.)
  • 15% off Laser services (Halo, BBL, Sofwave, SkinTyte, Forever Bare, etc.)
  • 15% off Facials (HydraFacial, Diamond Glow, and other eligible facials)
  • 15% off all skincare products
  • Welcome Bag
  • 5 FREE units Botox per year ($70 value)
  • 1 FREE Visia skin analysis & personalized skin consultation yearly ($150 value)
  • One time signup fee ($50) Waived for a limited time!
  • 12-month commitment

Optional Glow Theory Vault- Like to spread out your spending at Glow Theory? For no fee, deposit $99/month into your personal Glow Theory savings vault. The funds are yours to use with your Glow Getter VIP discount on all products or services.

Aesthetic Membership

Glow Theory Membership FAQs

How does your membership work?

With our Glow Getter VIP membership program you can enjoy 15% off all products and services such as injectables, lasers, body sculpting, facials, and skincare plus a number of added benefits including free Botox and more for just $99 a year!

We have the addition of an optional Glow Theory “Glow VIP Vault” for those that like the option of setting away some funds to be used at a later point. We’ll deduct $99 a month and deposit it into your personal vault. Every single dollar you put remains yours and can be used to purchase products and services we provide here in the studio.

What if I want to apply it towards multiple services?

You can absolutely do that! Let’s say you have saved $1000 in your Glow Theory VIP Vault, and you want to get filler and Botox. You can apply that $1000 towards both of those services at your discounted rate.

Do my credits ever expire?

Your credits won’t expire until the term of your contract.

Can my friends or family use my membership?

Each membership is customized to each client’s needs. Memberships can only be used by the person who is enrolled. If your friends or family are interested, have them give us a call or stop by! We’d love to get them started on their own Glow Theory journey and reap the benefits!

What if I want to cancel my membership?

Our Glow Getter VIP Membership is a 12-month commitment and will automatically renew after 12 months. Membership fee is non-refundable and no refunds or partial-refunds will be given. If you choose not to renew you must come in or send us an email at least 30 days prior to the end of your membership to cancel. If you do cancel at any point, we’d love to hear from you why you chose not to renew and your feedback on how we can improve!

What if I have an emergency and need to cancel?

For emergency circumstances please call us at 760-264-9466 so we can speak further. We do require written documentation for urgent situations that prompt you towards cancellation. Cancellation requests are approved or denied at Glow Theory’s discretion.

Membership Details:

  • The Glow Theory Aesthetic Membership is transferable to any Glow Theory location. A Member in any Glow Theory location can use Glow Theory services at any Glow Theory location. There are no exclusions.
  • The yearly Glow Theory “Glow Getter” Aesthetic Membership is $99 and a one-time enrollment fee of $50. The enrollment fee is paid only once as long as the Membership remains current.
  • All Glow Theory “Glow Getter” Aesthetic Memberships are for a 12 month minimum term, which renews automatically each year unless a notice of cancellation is provided a minimum of 30 days prior to the end of the term. To cancel, please make an appointment at any Glow Theory location or email contact@myglowtheory.com.
  • Membership pricing, promotions and offers are non-transferrable and are for the Member’s use only, unless otherwise noted.
  • Membership discounts do not apply to training, modeling and flash sale specials.
  • Membership dues cannot be supplemented by any other promotional vendor programs such as Alle Rewards or Aspire Rewards, but if a Member for example purchases Botox, they get the Member rate, plus they can use their Alle points.
  • Membership fee cannot be offset by any in store credit and must be paid by a Visa/Mastercard/American Express/Discover.
  • Particular appointment availability or provider availability is not and can not be guaranteed. All of our providers go through our rigorous training process.
  • Glow Theory Members agree to abide by Glow Theory Studio Policies.
  • Membership payments made are not refundable.
  • Benefits and pricing are subject to change at Glow Theory’s discretion.
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