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SkinMedica HA5® Smooth & Plump Lip System 0.1 oz

  • 0.1 oz of lip rejuvenation
  • Hydrates and smoothes lips
  • Boosts collagen for plumper appearance
  • Enhances lip texture and fullness
  • Appropriate for all skin types.


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Introducing the SkinMedica HA5® Smooth & Plump Lip System. A revolutionary 0.1 oz duo designed to transform your lips with a touch of luxury. Created by skincare experts, this system combines the power of advanced hydration with the plumping benefits of hyaluronic acid. It results in lips that are smooth, plump, and irresistibly kissable.

Experience the transformative effects of this system as it pampers your lips with a blend of ingredients that work in harmony. The unique formula contains five forms of hyaluronic acid. Each targeting different layers of the skin to provide continuous hydration and visible plumping effects.

The HA5® Smooth & Plump Lip System is the ultimate solution for those seeking to enhance the appearance of their lips. Whether you’re combating dryness, fine lines, or simply want to achieve a more youthful pout, this system becomes an integral part of your skincare and beauty routine.

Smooth and nourishing, the system glides onto your lips, providing instant comfort and a natural shine. Incorporate it into your daily regimen or use it as a base before applying your favorite lip color – either way, your lips will thank you for the indulgence they receive.

Elevate your lip care routine with the SkinMedica HA5® Smooth & Plump Lip System. Embrace the beauty of hydrated, plump lips and relish in the confidence that comes from showcasing your natural radiance.


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