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Rashes are common skin irritations that come in many different forms. Skin rash can cause inflammation, burning, and itchy patches of skin that are uncomfortable and embarrassing to have. At Glow Theory Aesthetic & Dermatology Studio, we believe in using the power of science to enhance our patients’ natural beauty and boost their overall confidence. Our warm aesthetics experts are proud to offer skin rash treatment and other cutting-edge medical dermatology treatments to patients in Carlsbad (La Costa), Encinitas and the neighboring communities of Rancho Santa Fe, Oceanside, Solana Beach  and Del Mar, California.

Skin Rash can be a serious condition, and should always investigated by your provider. It may cause by a variety of conditions, including a new laundry detergent or an infection. It can also be a symptom of a more serious disease such as lupus or a connective tissue disorder such as psoriasis.

The most common form of this rash is known as erythema multiforme, which usually affects young adults. In some cases, a rash may not accompany by any other symptoms. In many cases, the rash will clear up within a few days of the onset.

Treatments for skin rashes may include topical creams, oral medications, and skin surgery. While many common rashes can treat by your primary care provider, more severe cases require checkup by Glow Theory practitioner.

If you’ve noticed a rash, see your provider as soon as possible. There are several reasonable home remedies for skin rashes, including hydrocortisone cream. However, if the symptoms persist after two weeks of home treatment, it may be time to see a Glow Theory practitioner.


What Causes Rashes?

  • Allergies
  • Fragrance
  • Chemical exposure
  • Auto Immune Diseases
  • Medication
  • Underlying skin conditions
Rash Treatments Explained

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Personalized Treatment Plans Tailored To Your Skin
At Glow Theory Aesthetic & Dermatology Studio, we believe in using the power of science to help fuel our patients’ confidence. We also believe that each of our patient’s skin and bodies are as unique as their personality. For that reason, we are proud to provide each patient with an individual rash treatment plan tailored to their skins’ needs. Our medical professionals use the advanced VISIA® skin analysis system to capture high-quality images of your skin and assess your problem areas for the ultimate rash treatment regimen.
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More About Skin Rash

A dermatologist can help you figure out what causes skin rashes and how to treat them. Treatments vary depending on what caused the rash. Sometimes, a skin rash can be an indication of a more serious condition. Your dermatologist can perform a thorough examination, review your medical history, and order blood tests to determine what is causing the rash.

A rash is an inflammation of the skin, usually characterized by red, swollen, and itchy patches. It can cause by a variety of factors, including external exposure, an underlying medical condition, or allergic reactions. Fortunately, most skin rashes are not life-threatening and can treat with over-the-counter antihistamines and cortisone creams. The symptoms often subside within a few days.

If a rash is persistent and all over the body, it is important to see a dermatologist for diagnosis. If the rash spreads, it may be an indication of an allergy or infection. A provider can help you decide on the best treatment plan for your specific situation.

Heat rash is a symptom of over-saturated sweat glands, which block pores. Heat rashes appear as red, itchy, blister-like spots in places where perspiration collects. They usually appear on the chest and armpits, but they may also develop in the creases of the elbows.

If you have dry, itchy skin, you may want to see a provider right away. It may be a symptom of a more serious illness, such as liver or kidney disease, diabetes, or an immune system problem. A health care provider will examine your skin and may recommend a specific medication.

The cold and dry air can dry out the skin and lead to a rash. This rash may appear anywhere on the body. You should avoid exposing your skin to extreme temperatures during the winter to reduce the likelihood of it causing an outbreak. Make sure to use a moisturizer to keep moisture locked in your skin.

Another way to help prevent dry skin is to avoid bathing too often. If you must, try taking an oatmeal bath. Oatmeal is a great emollient for the skin and may help to prevent irritation. You should also apply moisturizer sparingly to areas of your body where the skin is more prone to dryness.

Some people have a genetic predisposition to dry skin. These people tend to have dry skin, which often exacerbated using harsh detergents. Harsh detergents remove natural oils from the skin, so they can cause skin to become drier than normal. Dryness can also cause by the weather or climate where you live. People who live in cold, dry climates are at higher risk of having dry skin.

If you are constantly under stress, you might notice your skin reacting to the increased stress hormone cortisol by forming a rash. This rash can appear anywhere on your body and often accompanied by a tingling or burning sensation. The good news is that this rash can treat.

Whether or not you have a history of psoriasis or eczema, you should consult a physician. Stress causes a chemical response in the body that triggers the release of hormones like cortisol and adrenaline. These hormones can trigger the release of mast cells in the skin. These cells are responsible for the itchy sensation in the skin, and they produce the chemical histamine. While these rashes can cause severe discomfort, they are temporary and will usually clear up in a few hours.

If you experience a skin rash due to ongoing stress, it is important to take steps to reduce or eliminate the triggers. You can try limiting screen time and practicing mindfulness. Taking a walk outside is another way to relieve stress. These simple tips can help you control your stress levels and prevent a rash from occurring.

In addition to these tips, you should try to find an activity that relaxes you. This will help you relieve the stress and get some rest. Using natural remedies like aloe vera and moisturizing lotions can also be helpful in treating the stress rash.

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The medical staff at Glow Theory Aesthetic & Dermatology Studio is excited to help you regain your confidence and become the best version of yourself. Our expert aesthetic professionals are proud to offer a variety of non-surgical cosmetic treatments in a welcoming environment that transcends the traditional medspa experience. We are proud to help patients in Carlsbad (La Costa), Encinitas and the neighboring communities of Rancho Santa Fe, Oceanside, Solana Beach  and Del Mar, California to level up their glow. Contact us to schedule your private Glow consultation today.

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