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What type of laser is BroadBand light?

BroadBand Light is an advanced IPL technology that uses quick bursts of light energy to treat various skin conditions. The treatment provides a healthy and youthful appearance. This treatment is great for treating vascular and pigmented lesions. It can also use to reduce facial hair.

BroadBand Light treatments are relatively quick and have minimal downtime. Patients can have as few as two sessions. However, they will experience redness and bruising for the first two days after the procedure. In addition, lesions may turn darker, but this will fade on its own after the treatment. You should see results in one to two weeks. BroadBand Light treatments will also reduce visible pores and fine lines on your skin.

BroadBand Light is an FDA-approved laser that uses pulses of light to treat a wide variety of skin conditions. Besides treating vascular lesions and spider veins, this treatment can also help improve skin tone, fade fine lines and wrinkles, and even erase brown spots and age spots.

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