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What areas commonly treated with Botox?

The common areas Botox works to soften the appearance of wrinkles, therefore providing cosmetic enhancements are the following areas, but not limited to: forehead wrinkles, and glabellar lines (better known as number Eleven lines or frown lines located between the eyebrows), crow’s feet- also known as the smile lines surrounding the circumference of the eyes.

Additionally, less commonly known areas that Botox may help soften wrinkles and lines in the skin are as follows, but not limited to: masseter muscles (associated with TMJ), chin pebbling, downturned corners of the mouth (DAO muscles), platysmal bands of the neck, aka Neferiti lift of the neck, and Mesotherapy of the skin – aka subtle and temporary smoothing of texture due to relaxation of the skin and underlying structures. The chest wrinkles can also treat for a smoother effect- we often like to pair this result with perhaps a laser or another treatment in-office for best optimal results.

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