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The Benefits of a Laser Facial

A laser facial, also known as laser skin resurfacing, is a revolutionary skin treatment that can reduce the signs of aging and the sun’s damage. The procedure is non-invasive and can produce dramatic results. The treatment will reduce fine lines and wrinkles, improve overall redness, and improve the texture of your skin. A series of four consecutive treatments recommended to achieve the best results.
The laser energy from the treatment will target the problematic areas of the skin, stimulating the skin to create new collagen. The procedure has minimal side effects and no downtime. Patients may experience a pinkish appearance for several hours following the procedure, but this is normal and will fade over time. After the treatment, patients should apply sunscreen daily to prevent the appearance of creases and blemishes.
There are several types of laser facials, including the non-ablative ClearLift laser, which heats deeper layers of skin without removing it. A laser facial can improve the firmness and tone of the skin. The results of a laser facial are not immediately visible, but they will last for several months. The treatments also boost the skin’s natural healing process, which promotes collagen production.
A laser facial is an excellent choice for those who want to restore a youthful complexion without surgical procedures. It’s a safe and effective alternative to expensive facials, including Botox and chemical peels. A 1064nm laser scientifically proven to improve the skin’s texture.

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