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Pictures bruising after dermal fillers

There are many side effects of dermal fillers, but the most common one is skin discoloration or bruising. This happens when damaged blood vessels leak blood. This can cause by needles or by the skin pulled. The bruise can be a temporary side effect, or it can last for months. Bruising can minimize with the right cosmetic treatment at Glow Theory studio.

Our cosmetic surgeon will position you carefully so that there is a minimal amount of bruising. We will typically position you at a 30 degree angle during the injection process. It takes about 5-7 days for the bruising to subside, but some people prefer to take steps to reduce the time it takes.

While bruising is a common side effect, it is generally a small, temporary inconvenience. It can cover up with makeup, and it won’t affect the appearance of the fillers. If you’re concerned about bruising, talk to your provider before your injection or in a separate consultation.

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