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How Long Does it Take for Kybella to Work?

Getting a Kybella injection is a quick, effective, and non-invasive way to reduce the size of your submental fat. But how long does it take for Kybella to work and see results from the treatment? Depending on your needs, it can take anywhere from one to six months to get the desired results.

Kybella is a FDA approved injection that breaks down fat cells in the submental area. The body is then able to filter out damaged fat cells, leaving you with a firmer, smoother jawline.

The average person can expect to see results after two to four treatments. This is because the chemical that injected, deoxycholic acid, helps the body break down dietary fat. This chemical also helps your body absorb the fat that injected. The good news is that the swelling that often accompanies a Kybella treatment is temporary.

The swelling that follows a Kybella treatment is usually very mild, and subsides as the body starts to eliminate the damaged cells. However, if you notice that the swelling does not go away, this is a sign of an infection. If this happens, it is important to have a proper diagnosis and treatment immediately.

It is common for patients to experience a little bit of bruising after a Kybella treatment. This can be uncomfortable, but it should not be a cause for concern. Your doctor will likely numb the skin before administering the treatment, so there is no danger of a stinging sensation. Taking an over-the-counter pain reliever can help relieve the symptoms. It is best to avoid taking aspirin or blood thinners for a week before receiving the treatment.

Kybella Side Effects #

In addition to the swelling that may result from the treatment, there are a few other side effects that you might want to know about. Some patients report that the treatment caused numbness around the injection sites. It is also possible for the injections to create small lumps in the areas where they inserted. If these occurrences occur, they should reported to your physician.

To make the most of your treatment, you should create a treatment plan based on your aesthetic goals and the amount of submental fat you have. Your doctor can assess your needs and determine whether Kybella is the right treatment for you.

How long does it take for Kybella to work? #

The number of treatments you will need to have varies on your gender, the amount of fat under your chin, and your personal goals. Most people will need one to two vials of the medicine per treatment appointment. In fact, some people will opt for a double dose to achieve the most dramatic results. The cost of a treatment is also dependent on the number of vials you will receive. For women, the average cost is between $1,200 and $1,800. The price will depend on the number of vials you will need and the number of treatment appointments you will need to attend.

The FDA approved Kybella for use on submental fat, but it is not the only method for reducing the appearance of a double chin. Exercise and a healthy diet can also help you reduce the appearance of your chin.

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