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How long after Botox can you lay down?

After your Botox injection, it recommended to wait four hours before you lie down. This will give the Botox the time it needs to settle. If you lie down right after your treatment, it could cause the Botox to migrate and alter the way it works. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t sleep, though.

The best way to sleep after your procedure is on your side. This will avoid any pressure or discomfort on the injection site. You should also avoid sleeping on your face, which may hinder the Botox’s effects. Also, don’t take a hot shower right before bed. Lastly, don’t rub your face aggressively. Some people choose to sleep on their backs, which won’t put any pressure on the injection sites.

It’s best to avoid heavy exercise for a day or two following your Botox treatment. Exercising right after your treatment will increase blood pressure and result in bruising. Also, don’t perform any exercises that require you to stand or walk for more than four hours. Exercising too soon can cause the Botox to migrate.

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