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How long after botox can you get a facial?

One of the questions that a lot of people ask after getting Botox is, “how long after Botox can you get a facial?” The short answer is, about 24 hours. This is the recommended timeframe for a facial after a Botox treatment. While it’s not a huge deal to get a facial after your treatment, you should make sure to give yourself enough time to heal completely. Facials often include facial massage, which can disturb the Botox treatment.

After a Botox facial, you should avoid alcohol and painkillers for at least 24 hours. Alcohol thins the blood and can lead to bruising. In addition, you should avoid any type of physical activity, such as lying down or soaking in a hot tub, for the next four hours. Once you’ve waited that timeframe, you can return to your normal activities. Also, you should avoid taking blood-thinning medications or ibuprofen for 48 hours.

In addition to improving your skin’s health, facials also help improve circulation and vascular function. As a result, a facial after Botox can be beneficial. It’s a good idea to schedule a facial at least two weeks after your injection. This will avoid disrupting the Botox injection and leaving you with a more wrinkled appearance than you had before.

Bruising is the most common side effect of injectables, and many patients are apprehensive about the prospect of bruising after the procedure. However, the truth is that bruising happens differently for different people. Learning more about your body and how it reacts to skin treatments will help to minimize the risk of bruising.

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