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How does laser hair removal work?

The technology uses a light beam to target hair follicles. This process causes hair follicles to become damaged, slowing down or even stopping hair growth. The follicles can still regrow, but it will be much thinner and lighter than before. The procedure can do on the entire body or just specific areas.

Compared to other methods, Forever Bare BBL laser hair removal is safe and provides long-term results. It uses concentrated light energy to destroy the hair follicles and prevent new hair growth. It takes several treatments to achieve optimal results. It is important to see a board-certified dermatologist for your treatment.

The process works by absorption of the light beams by the melanin pigment in the hair follicle or shaft. It’s important to have dark hair for the best results, because light hair won’t absorb the light beams. It is also important to have a good contrast between the skin and the hair to ensure that the beams absorb properly.

During the procedure, your provider will press the hand-held laser instrument against your skin. You may also give a cooling gel or cool device to prevent the skin from overheating. The laser beam is very intense, and it passes right through your skin to the hair follicles. This intense heat damages the hair follicles and prevents hair from growing. The heat that the laser creates will felt by the patient in the form of a pin-prick.

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