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Does Kybella Have Any Side Effects?

A small percentage of Kybella users may experience a temporary side effect – fainting. This side effect caused by pressure and/or damage to peripheral nerve endings in the area of the treatment. It may also cause by the drug’s chemical component deoxycholic acid. During treatment, a small amount of blood injected under the skin, which causes the patient to feel tingling, pricking, or numbness.

People who have a fear of needles may also have anxiety while receiving Kybella. Although the needles used are relatively small, those with needle phobia may become overly nervous during the procedure. However, despite the small size of the needles, only a small number of people experience such anxiety.

While most patients do not experience any side effects from Kybella, some patients have reported some post-procedural inflammation, an allergic reaction, or injection-site infection. Some patients report numbness, which will subside within a few weeks or stop completely in two months.

The injections used to administer Kybella are not painful, but some patients have reported a slight stinging sensation. In addition, some people may feel some swelling after the treatment, but this is normal and will go down on its own. It is important to note, however, that swelling is not a significant side effect and should not keep you from sleeping.

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