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Dermal Fillers San Diego

Glow Theory is a trusted aesthetic studio with a list of customers from San Diego. We offer Dermal fillers in an excellent way to rejuvenate your face without the need for surgery. The injectables are FDA-approve and can reduce the signs of aging and restore a youthful appearance. The most popular fillers include hyaluronic acid, which is a naturally occurring substance that found in the body.

Patients can expect mild side effects, such as redness or swelling in the treated areas. However, these are usually temporary. Typically, patients can resume normal activities within a few days. There are also some precautions that patients should keep in mind. It recommend that patients refrain from strenuous activities and sun exposure for a couple of days after treatment.

The procedure can be painful, but most filler formulas contain a local anesthetic that can minimize the discomfort. While some patients may be more sensitive than others, most patients describe the pain as minimal.

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