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EMSculpt Neo in Carlsbad

EMSculpt Neo is a revolutionary body contouring treatment that combines muscle toning and fat reduction to help you achieve a sculpted, toned body. Our expert team in Carlsbad uses the latest EMSculpt Neo technology to deliver safe and effective results without surgery or downtime. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and start your transformation journey!

EMSCULPT NEO - Carlsbad/Encinitas in San Diego County

Level Up Your
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Reduce Fat & Build Muscle Simultaneously

EMSCULPT NEO is an all-in-one, non-invasive body sculpting treatment that allows patients to melt away unwanted fat while simultaneously building muscle tone for the ultimate contoured look. Now, patients can complement the gains they see at the gym with the muscle-building capabilities of EMSCULPT NEO®. At Glow Theory Aesthetic & Dermatology Studio, we believe in using the power of science to enhance our patients’ natural beauty and boost their overall confidence. Our warm aesthetics experts are proud to offer EMSCULPT NEO® and other age-defying treatments to patients in Carlsbad, La Costa, Rancho Santa Fe, and the neighboring communities of Encinitas and Solana Beach, California.


Unleash Your Happiest, Healthiest You! with EMSculpt Neo in Carlsbad, San Diego.


  • Builds muscle tone
  • Melts away fat
  • Upper arms
  • Abdomen
  • Inner and outer thighs
  • Buttocks
  • Calves

EMSCULPT NEO Treatment Time

  • 30 minutes
  • Multiple treatments recommended


  • Redness and swelling
  • Potential bruising
  • Muscle soreness


  • Visible results within eight weeks of treatment.
  • Increased muscle tone.
  • Potentially permanent fat loss.
  • Maintenance sessions may be recommended.
  • Helps create a more radiant, authentic you.
EMSCULPT NEO® Before & After


emsculpt-1-before emsculpt-1-after
emsculpt-2-before emsculpt-2-after
How Does EMSCULPT NEO® Work?
EMSCULPT NEO® is a ground-breaking body sculpting and body contouring treatment that enhances muscle tone while simultaneously melting away unwanted fat. Unlike leading treatments that either reduce fat or build muscle, EMSCULPT NEO® provides patients with all the results they desire with just one cutting-edge device. EMSCULPT NEO® works by using a combination of gentle radiofrequency heating and High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic (HIFEM) technology. Using a synchronized emission of these energies in your targeted areas can reduce your unwanted fat by up to 25 percent and increase your muscle tone by up to 30 percent.

Emsculpt Neo Cost in Carlsbad

Treatment Category Measure Price Member Price Member Package Member Package Price
Emsculpt Neo Bodysculpting Per Treatment 800 680 Package of 8  $3,200
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Your Glow Theory Experience
Your Glow Consultation
During your private consultation with our aesthetics expert, we will take the time to determine whether EMSCULPT NEO® is right for you. In addition to taking photos of your treatment area, your aesthetics professional will develop a tailored treatment plan to help you level up your look.
When preparing for your treatment, we will clean your treatment areas to ensure your skin is free of any excess makeup and oils.
Your aesthetics professional will apply a gel pad to your treatment areas. An EMSCULPT NEO® applicator will then be placed onto the gel pad and your treatment will begin.
The EMSCULPT NEO® Treatment
EMSCULPT NEO® treatment sessions are quick and virtually pain-free. Many of our patients take the time to check their emails, read a book, or even take a meditation break during their EMSCULPT NEO® treatment sessions.
After EMSCULPT NEO®, patients are able to return to their normal daily activities, including work or school. While redness and muscle soreness treatment is normal, there is no required downtime following each EMSCULPT NEO® treatment session.

Meet Our Expertly Trained Emsculpt NEO Body Sculpting Providers

At Glow Theory Aesthetic & Dermatology Studio, we prioritize your safety and results. Our Emsculpt NEO body sculpting treatments are performed exclusively by our Fellowship-Trained Dermatological Nurse Practitioner, Registered Nurses, and Certified Body Sculpting Technicians with advanced Emsculpt NEO training. With over 25 years of combined experience, our providers ensure safe and effective results.

Insiyah Darugar
Insiyah Darugar, MSN, FNP
Owner, CEO

Fellowship-Trained Dermatological Nurse Practitioner

Advanced Filler & Facial Balancing Expert

Advanced Laser Trained

Sofwave Certified

Morpheus8 Certified

13+ years experience

Madelyne Myers, RN
Madelyne Myers, RN

Advanced Laser Trained

Sofwave Certified

Morpheus8 Certified

4 years aesthetics experience

Matt Colantono
Matt Colantono

CoolSculpting University Master Certified Technician

Emsculpt NEO Certified

10+ years body sculpting experience

Emily Sitcov
Emily Sitcov
Advanced Licensed Medical Aesthetician

Medical Assistant

Hydrafacial Trained

Diamond Glow Trained

Emsculpt NEO Certified

8+ years experience

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Emsculpt Neo FAQs

In these FAQs, you’ll discover more about the Emsculpt NEO treatment and learn how it works to tighten the skin. You’ll also discover how long the results last and how often you can get it done. Emsculpt NEO is a great treatment for women who are unhappy with their body fat and want to get rid of it quickly.

The Emsculpt NEO treatment is a non-invasive procedure that sculpts the body by using HIFEM, or high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy. This energy delivered to the muscles by a special device placed on the skin. It is an intense form of energy that contracts the muscles more rapidly than a voluntary contraction would. The treatment involves four 30-minute sessions, which spaced five to ten days apart.

The treatment typically lasts about six months. The length of the treatment depends on how many treatments required. In most cases, one session takes about thirty minutes, but some people may need more time, especially if they have more than one treatment site. The Emsculpt Neo device applied to the target area and produces powerful contractions that increase the temperature in that area. The treatment team can also adjust the intensity of the treatment to achieve desired results.

The Emsculpt treatment is effective on many parts of the body. It has approved to tone the abdominal area, the buttocks, the thighs, and the arms. This treatment is safe for use on more than one area of the body, but you must schedule separate 30-minute sessions for each area.

The Emsculpt NEO uses two forms of energy – RF and HIFEM – to create a unique result. The combination of these two energy types produces more than 20,000 supramaximal contractions in the treatment area, and can produce results that rival those seen with exercise or diet.

EmSculpt Neo is a revolutionary body sculpting treatment that can help you reduce your fat and tighten your skin, as well as build lean muscle. It is appropriate for individuals of all body types and BMIs, and it can help you feel more confident about yourself than ever.

EmSculpt Neo is an advanced version of its predecessor, the EMSCULPT, with the addition of Radio Frequency (RF) energy. This enables you to achieve up to 30% fat reduction in the targeted area. The device uses a high-tech applicator that emits both RF and HIFEM energy simultaneously. This combination produces better results than either treatment by itself.

The EmSculpt Neo procedure is non-invasive and painless. The procedure consists of four to six 30-minute treatments performed one to two times per week. Patients report that the treatment feels like a hot stone massage. The procedure leaves no scarring and requires no downtime.

Unlike some other non-invasive technologies, EMSculpt NEO produces better results and requires fewer sessions. The patented electro-muscle stimulation technique utilizes radiofrequency and HIFEM technology to stimulate your muscles and burn fat. Because it requires no surgery or downtime, you can expect to see visible results in a matter of weeks.

EMSCULPT Neo, an FDA-approved body sculpting treatment, is the next evolution of Emsculpt. It works to build muscle and burn fat simultaneously. You may notice improvements in your skin, clothes, and overall body shape after the treatment, but you will not lose a significant amount of weight.

EMSculpt neo is a new fat-reducing procedure that works by heat-trapping your body’s muscle tissue. The heat from the procedure gets the muscles ready for stress and then sends the heat into subcutaneous fat located just under the skin. This causes fat cells to undergo a process called apoptosis. The damaged cells then gradually removed. Results can take anywhere from six to 12 months to show. However, maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle are the keys to seeing maximum results.

Each EMSculpt NEO treatment session is typically about 30 minutes, though some patients may need several treatments. After a consultation, your team will determine if you are a good candidate for the treatment and how many treatments you will need. The consultation will also help you decide if there are any other cosmetic procedures or alternatives that would work better for your needs. Before deciding on a procedure, it is important to weigh the pros and cons and consult with a board-certified Glow Theory dermatological surgeon to make sure you’ll be happy with the results.

The Emsculpt device burns fat and improves muscle tone at the same time. It works by contracting targeted muscles 20,000 times in 30 minutes. You may begin to feel slimmer immediately after treatment, but it may take up to six months to see the full results.

The FDA-approved Emsculpt Neo is an effective fat loss and muscle toning treatment. The treatment targets the abdomen, buttocks, calves, arms, and thighs. It is safe for people of all ages, but it is most popular with those between the ages of 30 and 39. The procedure uses radio frequency to target fat and muscle, resulting in dramatic changes in shape and tone.

The Emsculpt Neo treatment is painless and requires only a minimal amount of recovery time. It is like a hot stone massage, and results are immediate and noticeable. You may experience slight redness for a couple of hours after the treatment, but this will subside quickly. You can even use Emsculpt Neo for the entire body, including your face.

Each treatment session should last approximately 30 minutes. A single treatment can reduce up to 30 percent of abdominal fat. However, multiple treatment sites will require more time. Patients should schedule a follow-up appointment after twelve weeks to see full results. The results of one treatment will last up to six months if you lead a sedentary lifestyle.

Emsculpt Neo is an FDA-approved treatment that sculpts your body without the need for surgery. Its dual action method builds muscle and burns fat at the same time. The procedure is safe for both men and women and produces visible results quickly.

The EmSculpt NEO is a non-invasive body sculpting treatment that uses the HIFEM(r) technology to stimulate the contraction of deep muscle fibers and promote their remodeling. During the procedure, a rapidly changing magnetic field induced within the muscle tissue, which stimulates controlled contractions to create the desired results. This technology is safe, pain-free, and FDA-cleared.

The EmSculpt NEO procedure takes approximately 30 minutes and does not require anesthesia. Patients may feel a warming sensation during the treatment, like that of a hot stone massage. You can have a single session or multiple sessions within five to 10 days. The EMSculpt NEO procedure is safe and permanent, and the results are visible immediately. You can resume your normal activities after the treatment.

The EmSculpt NEO treatment can used on different body types. It can used on people who are overweight or obese, and it can used on people who are slim. People with a BMI up to 35 can benefit from this procedure because it improves muscle tone and reduces fat. While you may not lose weight with this treatment, you will gain lean muscle mass, which increases your metabolism.

The EmSculpt NEO treatment works by heating up fat cells beneath the skin. These fat cells then destroyed. This eliminates the fat cells permanently. If you don’t gain any additional weight, you’ll see your results within a month. However, the time it takes for visible results varies from person to person.

Emsculpt Neo is an innovative body fat reduction treatment that uses the dual power of HIFEM and RF to work muscles while melting fat. In the past, clients would have to book two separate sessions for muscle toning and fat loss, but EMSculpt NEO combines both in one treatment. The device uses radiofrequency energy to target fat cells at the subcutaneous level. This heat destroys fat cells and causes them to die.

The treatment also increases the muscle supramaximal stimulation. This increases the metabolism and burns more calories during rest and activity. It also reduces the buildup of metabolic products that cause muscle soreness. As a result, muscles grow and multiply with minimal effort and a lower risk of injury. Another benefit is focused fat reduction.

As with any other RF treatment, EMsculpt Neo considered safe, but not without some side effects. The procedure is simple and requires no pre-preparation. The treatment takes approximately 30 minutes. After the procedure, patients may feel some mild muscle contractions and some heat, but they can return to their normal activities.

The treatment can perform safely on both men and women. It is also effective in treating patients with a BMI of 35 and up. However, people who are suffering from cardiac conditions or have metal implants should avoid this procedure.

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The medical staff at Glow Theory Aesthetic & Dermatology Studio is excited to help you regain your confidence and become the best version of yourself. Our expert aesthetic professionals are proud to offer a variety of non-surgical cosmetic treatments in a welcoming environment that transcends the traditional medspa experience. We are proud to help patients in Carlsbad (La Costa), Encinitas and the neighboring communities of Rancho Santa Fe, Oceanside, Solana Beach  and Del Mar, California to level up their glow. Contact us to schedule your private Glow consultation today.

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